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Apoteótica Cinematográfica is a rising production company set in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, that puts effort in trying to broaden the range of LGBT culture and representation. With a history of gay and lesbian themed short-length films, the company now seeks support or partners to co-produce two current feature film projects, participate in international script labs and career mentorship.


The two partners, Otavio Chamorro and Rafaela Camelo, are also developing their careers by specializing in screenwriting series fiction – one hour dramas and thirty minutes comedies and dramadies. Both of them have written projects and screenplays in such formats and are negotiating with TV channels and other screening platforms to produce their work.


The urge to lead a production company came from the need to lean their focus towards the ambition not only to create and write films and series but also to be directors or showrunners of their original projects, always with a unique point of view, as well as being part of writers’ rooms and direction teams of projects that relate to their work.



Desires of the Flesh
Floozy Suzy
Mapa da Mina
No Cerimony
The Fugitives



This video is edited using films and episodes written and/or directed by the two partners, therefore including productions of fellow companies.


Currently, the company is developing two feature films.

otavio chamorro quando um não quer it takes two queer cinema gayfilm

Original title: Quando um não quer


Length (estimated): 90 minutes


In pre-production


Director and Writer: Otavio Chamorro


Genre: Comedy


Synopsis: Enemies since their childhood, the now teenagers Rene and Sergio need to help each other to conquer their dreams. They will end up finding their first love while the school turns into a battle zone when a gay student decides to be part of the futsal team and the popular girl becomes a victim of cyberbullying.


Production status: Developed project / Written Script / Financial support being reviewed for contract signatures (covers 70% of the film budget)


What we seek: Additional financing / Distribution / International Co-production


Original title: Sangue do meu Sangue


Length (estimated): 90 minutes


In development


Director and Writer: Rafaela Camelo


Genre: Drama, Fantasy


Synopsis: Gloria (16) is a young Jehovah’s Witness who has just had a heart transplant. The surgery gave her a second chance to live, but it had consequences for everyone around her. She went against God’s will and her Church, she disturbed her house and made her family get isolated by their religious community. The sacrifice became even bigger when her parents found out that the life she regained after surgery was someone else’s.


Production status: Under development project / Script being written


What we seek: Script Labs / Mentorship / International Co-production

Rafaela Camelo

She is a Brazilian film director and screenwriter. She graduated as a filmmaker from the University of Brasília in 2011. The following year, her debut “The Art of Walking Through the Streets” was exhibited at the Havana Film Festival and Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival. In 2019, her short-lenght film “Desires of the flesh” was officialy selected in Sundance Film Festival. She is now working on the scrip of her first full-lenght film, “Mercy”.


“The arrival of adulthood is an incredible (and incredibly complicated) phase. I am interested in portraying adolescence in the form of dreams and memories. I want to talk about the discoveries of one's own body and sexuality as if they were the most intense experience that anyone could have. The perspective of LGBT women catches my attention. I make films in which the codes of humor, melodrama and terror are mixed talking about fear, sin and insecurity ”.


“The aesthetic and theme approach I’ve always intended to develop in my previous work were based on trying to transform what was con- sidered marginalized into something precious. Comedies, LGBT protag- onists or a fabulous-kitsch-corny- camp look and feel. It’s a set of el- ements considered outrageous or inferior or too popular redesigned

to provoke reflection, to value queer culture in a controversial way, mock- ing the standards of our current soci- ety that tends to avoid the inevitable rise of those who were historically oppressed. My work is all about giv- ing voice and endorse LGBT, girl and black power in an unusual way, with a very particular Brazilian point of view”.

Otavio Chamorro

He is a screenwriter, director and producer from Brazil. Partner at Apoteótica Cinematográfica, he has written and directed the short-length comedies “The Fugitives”, awarded as “Best Screenplay” at Mix Brasil, “The Bitchhiker”, with several awards in Brazil and Switzerland (“Most Controversial Film” at QueerSicht) and “Floozy Suzy”, awarded as “Best Direction”, also at Mix Brasil. Currently, his TV project “Call Center” won one of the most important series screenwriting contests in Brazil (NetlabTv). He is now pre-producing his first full-length comedy, the LGBT coming-of-age film “It takes two”.



Our Services


We are interested in film and TV projects that have sexual diversity and gender identity as the main themes.

In addition to our own production, we've specialized in telling stories and transform ideas into formats and contents.


We elaborate synopsis and stories, develop TV bibles and write scripts in several formats and genres for many platforms, whether from original ideas or form texts already started.

We participate in writers' rooms, work remotely and have fellowships with other companies and professionals to do the job that you need.


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